Monday, May 11, 2009

Who is Javis Davis?

When I was pregnant with my first baby I remember searching all over for the perfect crib bedding. I knew I was having a boy and I’d easily decided on a western theme in his room. Unfortunately, I did not know about Javis Davis at that time, or I would have designed this and had it shipped right to my front door:

Instead, I drove all over the metroplex to some of the upper-end boutique shops, but there was no way I was going to spend $700.00 for bedding that would only be used for a couple of years. My only other option was the “bed-in-the-bag” sets from the big retailers, but there was no way I would settle for that for my sweet baby boy. Luckily my mom is a great seamstress and together we sewed most of my son’s bedding. It turned out great and we had a wonderful time working on it together, but it was a lot of work and took a lot of time!

A few years later I saw an ad for Javis Davis on one of my favorite blogs. I wasn’t pregnant at the time, but I spent some time on their website looking at all of their wonderful fabrics. I loved the concept of being able to design my own crib set, and their prices were reasonable. I bookmarked the site hoping that someday I would be able to use them if we were fortunate enough to have a second child.

When I found out in the spring of 2008 that we were having a girl I was ecstatic. Immediately I started designing my crib bedding on the Javis Davis website. Working with a pink and green fabric collection I designed my daughter’s bedding.
I was shocked when UPS delivered my order to my door about 5 days later! I was so impressed with the quality, quick turn around and amazing customer service at Javis Davis.

Needless to say I became a huge fan of Javis Davis and spread the word to everyone I knew that might be looking for custom bedding. So when I received an email from Javis Davis in January stating that they were looking for design partners I jumped at the chance. I spent the weekend filling out their application, and couple of weeks later I received a call from the owner of Javis Davis inviting me to become a design partner. I was thrilled!

As a design partner, I am able to bring all that Javis Davis has to offer directly to moms in my community. The Javis Davis website has an amazing design configurator where you can see your crib design online. While the configurator is a great tool, there is nothing like being able to see, touch and feel the fabrics in person. As a design partner, I also have access to additional online design tools and I also have samples of all the fabrics Javis Davis has to offer.

So you if you or anyone you know might be looking for bedding…please contact me. Best of all my services are free!

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  1. those crib sets are so gorgeous! they make me pine for the need for a new nursery! i've always wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland nursery or playroom, and could never find the appropriate resources and fabrics.