Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bookcase re-do

Back when I was decorating my daughter's nursery I wanted a bookcase in one corner of the room. I found this one and fell in love.
But I was not in love with the price tag...$1,150.00.

I know that in a few years we'll end up buying all new "big girl" furniture and I'll want all the pieces to work together. I wasn't willing to make this kind of investment not knowing if it would work in the room in the future.

So one day while at my local Target I ran across this bookcase.
Kind of plain but the price was right, just $89.99.

I decided to buy it and try to "dress it up" a little. Once I got the bookcase home and started putting all the pieces together I realized that the back piece was made out of a flimsy cardboard type of material. So instead of attaching that piece I went to Lowe's and had a piece of wainscoting cut to the same size as the cardboard piece. Then I painted the wainscoting with a sage green color I had used in other areas of the room. After attaching the wainscoting it made the whole bookcase seem a lot sturdier and gave it a much better look. Then I decided to also paint the drawer front using the same green, and I attached a new hand-painted drawer knob.

I was pleased with the end result, and especially the price...less than $100.00.

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