Monday, August 31, 2009

Handmade 1st Birthday Party

I'm doing my best to avoid the "theme" birthday as long as I can. I know it is only a matter of time that we will be all about Spiderman and Disney Princesses when it comes to birthday parties, but for now mommy gets to decide on the details. And, I must admit...I really enjoying every minute of it - everything from making invitations, decorations and even baking the cake.

So recently for my daughter's 1st birthday I decided to have a cupcake party. While working on the invitations I searched the
internet for free cupcake clipart, but all the free stuff I found was pretty lame. Then I decided to search Etsy, and I found this cupcake clipart for $1.00!
The cupcake
clipart was my inspiration to do a pink and turquoise theme for the invitation and all of the decorations.
Back when I first started planning and getting ideas for the party I ran across an Etsy shop called Golden that had the most adorable custom bibs and birthday hats. I bookmarked the site planning to come back to order one of the cute little custom 1st birthday bibs, but when I came back to order there was an announcement that all orders would not be shipped until 4-5 weeks out. Yikes! I did not plan that far in advance. I couldn't find anything else like these adorable bibs, so I thought "I can make this". And I did. And it turned out great. And I was surprised! Really it was pretty easy. I won't go into step-by-step instructions, but if anyone is interested just send me an email.

The birthday party was a success, and I'm only crying a little bit that my baby girl is now a toddler.
Happy 1st Birthday Summer Girl!


  1. Your bib and hat are ADORABLE! so special that you made them yourself, too!

  2. We are planning a "Lil Cupcake" First party for girl number 4. Love the bib and hat. Would love an idea of how you did it!

  3. I am also doing a cupcake theme for my daughter's 1st birthday! I would LOVE to know how you made the bib & birthday hat. My email is THANKS! :)

  4. I am doing a cupcake party too. Could you send me the directions of how to do the bib and hat.