Monday, June 8, 2009

Rock-A-Bye Baby

When I'm asked for my opinion about must have baby items my number one answer is always - INVEST IN A GOOD ROCKER OR GLIDER.

It is really incredible how much time you will be parked in that chair during your baby's first year of life. From my rough calculations I would say I spent approximately 720 hours in my rocker during the endless nursing sessions and sleepless nights of those first three months alone. And even after the first year you will spend plenty of nights curled up with your toddler reading Good Night Moon for the umpteenth time, or rocking your three year old for hours on end when they are not feeling well. A comfortable rocker is a must!
You might want to try to pick out a fabric that is neutral enough to use with a second baby or that will grow with your child into their big boy or big girl rooms.

But even if the fabric you choose for baby #1 does not work for baby #2 you can always have it recovered. My rocker was initially a denim fabric for my son's nursery which was a western theme, then for $250.00 (plus fabric) I was able to have it recovered in a green chenille for my daughter's room.

A good glider or rocker is an investment, but in my opinion is well worth the money.

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  1. those rockers are so good looking...edgar is recovering cushions for me this week. thanks for the tip!